SSNI-607 A One-Year Record Of A Beautiful Girl In Uniform Who Deprived Her Of Freedom Of Limbs And Pickled In Aphrodisiac Every Day In A Damp And Gloomy Room And Turned Into My Favorite M Slave Miharu Usa

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Masochistic Sex Girl In Uniform Miharu Usa じめじめと陰気な部屋で毎日、手足の自由を奪い媚薬漬けにした制服美少女が私好みのM奴隷に変わっていった1年間の記録 羽咲みはる

When did that girl begin to go … Whenever it’s time for school to end, a girl in a cute uniform comes to an old house where the neighborhood is sparse. As soon as he enters the house, he speaks an aphrodisiac and stares at the man as if he bends with restraint. Uniform beautiful girl who forgets me for different hentai every day and sings pleasure … No one knows that such a thing is being done.