SPRD-1211 The Saffle At That Time Was… Minako Kirishima, My Friend’s Mother

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My Mothers Friend From Good Old Days Minako Kirishima あの時のセフレは…友達の母親 桐島美奈子

While cleaning up the room, a nostalgic photo came out from the gap in the cardboard. First two-shot photo with her. I remembered the past while looking at the picture. The first time I met her was at my best friend’s house. Yes, she was my best friend’s mother. I went to my best friend’s house. Of course I wanted to meet her. I was still a kid and didn’t know what to do with this feeling. One day I went to my best friend’s house. Only she was on that day and it was more exciting than usual. I have heard that she has someone I like. Yeah, my heart was moving as fast as I could break my heart. She said that if you regret, you should confess. I dared to confess to her. What is this aunt? She laughs. She kissed me thank you to me who couldn’t speak nifty …