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JAV Sex SIRO-4340 経験人数1人、女子校育ちのお嬢様が満を持して参戦。今までで味わったことのない快感に我慢出来ない彼女は.. ネットでAV応募→AV体験撮影 1407

The subject of the first shoot today is Mao-chan, 20 years old, a young lady raised in a girls’ school. A life-sized female college student who likes romance dramas, exposing her youthful and fresh skin. I’m wandering around in a different situation than usual, and I can feel the tension here as well. She has little experience as a man and has grown up to have a sullen personality that allows her to accumulate erotic knowledge by herself. A delicious thigh is peeped from the miniskirt, and the young body is touched by the man I met for the first time. A sticky caress that loosens her tense. The man gets excited by the naive reaction that makes him endure, and he goes through the protruding peach butt. The sullen girl overflows with lewd juice that exudes from the top of her underwear, and when stimulated with pinpoint, she makes her hips tingle and cums. “Ahhh .. No good ..” The body that is easy to feel seems to be unable to stop the rushing pleasure, screaming and distorting the beautiful face. Mao-chan can’t hide her surprise when she sees a cock that has grown so large that it warps. While grasping the root, it sticks to the hardened big cock. Then, a meat stick that bends back into a thirsty wet pussy is inserted. At first, the piston that was moving slowly so as to get used to it gradually became violent, “Ah .. Kimochii ..! !! Ah .. ”I can hear an honest glossy voice. Repeated stimulation to the back of the vagina, she can not stand it and blows the tide as if she leaked it. A female college student whose eyes are fluttering, forgetting the existence of the camera and desperately screaming for pleasure. The unstoppable pleasure seems to be the first experience in my life, and I taste the climax many times ..