JUNY-019 I Want To Change Myself Sober And Shy… Newcomer 19 Years Old! Plump J Cup Hoshino Mami Av Debut!

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JUNY-019 Hoshino Mami 19 Years Old J Cup Plump 地味で内気な自分を変えたくて… 新人19才!豊満Jカップ 星乃マミAVデビュー!!

The fourth SEX in my life was so embarrassing that I wanted to cry, and it felt so good … A 19-year-old plump J-cup beauty applied for Fitch’s plump label NIKUYOKU to change her sober and shy self. I did! ● After graduating from school, Mami-chan, who got a job at a local factory, has two experienced people and has only done H three times, but she is actually a metamorphosis who loves H delusions. A memorable AV debut work where 110 cm super milk and big areola rampage!