JUL-566 Since That Day, I Have Been Conceived By My Brother-In-Law. Unwanted Seeding Agency, Endless Unfaithful Relationship. Rima Suzukawa

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JUL-566 Rima Suzukawa Adulterous Relationship あの日から、お義兄さんに孕まされ続けている私。 望まない種付け代行、終わらない不貞関係―。 鈴川莉茉

Ms. Rima, when will I see my grandson’s face …? I don’t remember how many times I heard my mother-in-law’s habit. For two years after marrying her husband’s house, she had a happy family with her husband, Takeru, but she was not blessed with children. And I was recommended by her mother-in-law to have a fertility test with my husband and wife, but I was good, and the body that could not have children was her husband. This story was immediately heard by her mother-in-law, and she was ordered to have sexual intercourse with her brother-in-law to keep the blood of a famous family.