JUL-341 Magic Mirror NTR A Man And His Beloved Wife, Predatory Love Through The Mirror. Shiraki Yuko

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Japanese Porn Video JUL-341 Shiraki Yuko Magic Mirror NTR マジックミラーNTR 取引先の男と最愛の妻、鏡越しの略奪愛―。 白木優子

I run a company and have been married to my wife Yuko for two years. Yuko was originally an employee of a subcontractor Koizumi company and robbed Koizumi of Yuko under the conditions for an absorption-type merger. In order to immerse himself in a sense of superiority and to show off, once a week, Koizumi, who was placed close to him, sits behind the magic mirror to show off the couple’s activities. It’s been two years since I got married, and I thought that Yuko, both physically and mentally, was completely mine. However, Yuko has a secret meeting with a man hiding in me every Wednesday …