JUL-249 Country Slut-From That Day On, I Became The Prey Of A Carnivorous Wife Who Had Time To Spare. ~ Yuko Shiraki

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Hot JAV Online Japanese JUL-249 Lustful Rural Woman Yuko Shiraki 田舎痴女 ~あの日から僕は、暇を持て余す肉食妻の獲物になった。~ 白木優子

A town revitalization project has begun in Shiraki City, where vast fields are spread out. As a management consultant, I decided to visit a friendly couple’s house. His wife Yuko, who lives in a rural town with no convenience store or entertainment facility, seemed to have too much free time. Yuko, who had little experience with women, was throbbing for Yuko who sent me a look for some reason, even during cleaning … while eating. One day, Yuko attacks and tries to get her husband to sleep.