ISRD-012 Beautiful Receptionist Made A Sex Slave Against Her Will

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ISRD-012 Mitsuki Nagisa Secret Suite Room

A talented and rear-filled career woman. Such a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. The men in her room, who only knew about her, called the woman over and over again and raped her. The woman was taken advantage of her weaknesses and she was reluctantly forced to submit. I want to break this damn relationship as soon as possible. It was certain that she had a grudge against the men. And yet she can’t escape. She was unaware of her reason for herself. A moment hidden in the depths of her heart. She has herself somewhere who wants to be her comforter. However, her pride does not allow her to admit it. What’s more, even this conflict is seen by men. No matter how resolutely she behaves, her true nature is revealed and she is accused of being her mere self-deception. The woman is abused and insulted, she gradually gets drunk with her pitiful and miserable self, exposes herself in front of the camera, and eventually prostrate at her man’s feet. As you can see from her powerful gaze, Mitsuki Nagisa has a charm that appeals with her eyes. Her expression is rich. Ability to imagine and adapt her request. Mysterious persuasive power. She is not good at Chinese characters though she is. That is cute again. There is no doubt that she will be addicted to the charm that is different from her usual smile!