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324SRTD-0220 憧れていた同僚が酔い潰れたからホテルに連れ込んだ件

An office lady was crushed while drinking while squeezing with a colleague of the company. Her colleague’s man took her to the hotel to rest her sleeping office lady … she didn’t get up at all, so she took off her blouse shirt and slipped her bra to see how the tits felt. It reacts but doesn’t seem to happen! The skirt is rolled up, the pants are biting into it, and the butt is completely exposed. All you can do is break the fishnet tights and touch them! When I started using the vibrator, I got up and asked, “What are you doing !?” … Still, if you keep hitting the vibrator in your crotch, you will feel sick and comfortable and can’t resist! If you feel it, you will be able to have sex like an avalanche! Colleagues are super lucky to be able to have such a cute child!