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JAV Video 300MIUM-694 美意識の塊な高身長OLとサボり旅!あざとさ120%のど巨乳ちゃんも一皮剥いたら『ぶっちゃけ凄い溜まってる…』って夢あり過ぎでついつい暴走中出し!!2回戦おねだりでハッスルしまくり!!!:今日、会社サボりませんか

[Theme] Why don’t you take a day off from work today and have an extraordinary experience of going to the place you wanted to go? The program will cover all the travel expenses to the place you want to go! And finally, a project aiming for sex. ① Start today from Shibuya on Saturday! Since it is a holiday, few people go to work, and I see a salaryman who seems to want to go to the office ♪ “This may be unexpectedly cholo ♪” I asked some people! It is Miyabi-chan, a neat and clean office lady, who will go on a trip this time! ② Here is a quick introduction to Miyabi-chan’s profile! She has a sales position at a company that sells beauty equipment, and she seems to be stressed every day because she has a lot of women and her senior bureau is very scared. She was actually going to work today to finish the materials for an important meeting, but she was probably angry because she skipped. I’m sorry! I think I’ll get angry at the beginning of the week, but for today, let’s forget about the station and enjoy the trip! By the way, the destination is Gotemba ♪ ③ From here, Miyabi-chan will enjoy a refreshing plan to heal your daily fatigue in Gotemba! First of all, eat sweet strawberries to your heart’s content, deepen the bond with Sabo Leemen (* AV actor) who enjoys a trip together, feed cute goats with Mt. Fuji in the background, and drink meat and fish while drinking alcohol. Enjoy the barbecue ♪ Move your body after eating with hula hoops and frisbees, and end the day with fantastic illuminations! ④ The party who enjoyed the refresh plan decided to launch at a nearby inn! Miyabi-chan and the staff who became friends with each other while enjoying the food and drink at the inn and talking about today’s memories. The topic is her love affairs. “Sex is only with him! I don’t think I have much naughty experience.” She was talking about this in the car heading to Gotemba. However, she seems to have been sucking Savory Men’s Ji-Po in the tent right after the barbecue while she was away from the staff! In addition, “I have had an affair with a great person in the company …” Miyabi-chan, who started to get sticky on the savory men with a grinning face as she got liquor, ♪ No ♪ Hey, wait a minute (laughs) This guy has a ridiculous premonition of lewdness (laughs) Then, at the end of today’s trip, I’ll make you feel good! By the way, please check this continuation in the main story!