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300MIUM-553 働くドMさん. Case.32 IT商社 事務員/山本さん/24歳 彼氏なし!セフレゼロ!ぷるぷるGカップと性欲を持て余す男日照りのOLを追撃ピストンでびっしょびしょの濡れま●こに蘇らせる! Ms. Yamamoto, 24 years old, IT trading company clerk

This work is a project to go to the workplace of a busy woman without permission and decide the free time to shoot. When I was working as an AV actress, I chased a beautiful woman who refused AV shooting because she said “the schedule does not fit” while coming to the interview. (1) I will rush to the workplace of Mr. Yamamoto (24 years old) who is working as an office worker at an IT trading company without appointment. Mr. Yamamoto seems to be annoyed by the phone call that suddenly comes in during work, but he pushed through this selfishness and came to the car during lunch break. She seems to have returned early, so she said straightforwardly, “Do you have sex? I asked, but now it is NG. I’d like to ask you about your plans for the night, but it seems that you have plans for the night as well. Mr. Yamamoto, who is salt-friendly, doesn’t have a humor even if he negotiates with him, so he has big boobs. If you forcibly include the grown cock in your mouth, you will be surprised to serve obediently! Gradually increase the speed of raising and lowering your mouth, and finally put it in your mouth to finish! !! It is a blowjob that started by force, but when I see a large amount of sperm, I have a happy expression … ② At night, I will wait in front of the company for Mr. Yamamoto’s work to finish. Mr. Yamamoto goes into a nearby store with people who seem to be her colleagues. When I followed secretly so as not to be noticed, a joint party was held in the store! I will observe it from the seat next to me for a while, but it seems that it will not end for a while, so I went back to the car and ambushed again. A party that came out of the store after a while. If I follow Mr. Yamamoto who is heading to the station alone, maybe there was no harvest, I will meet with a considerably older man and enter a nearby yakiniku restaurant. A few hours later, I witnessed a scene where two people who came out of the store were handing over pocket money. Apparently, it seems like a lively relationship with Dad … ③ Charge to Mr. Yamamoto who is alone after parting from a man! !! “Are we paying for sex? ], And take him to the studio! As soon as you arrive, the actor who was waiting will hug you and massage your plump breasts! At first, Mr. Yamamoto refused, but he fell due to nipple torture and cunnilingus! Unlike the unpleasant blowjob in the daytime, she politely licks the big cock with a fascinating expression. After inserting it, make an obscene sound at the woman on top posture and hit the waist, and piston violently at the missionary position to finish! Mr. Yamamoto is a naughty guy who trembles and immerses himself in the afterglow, but when he is offered a meat stick, he even gives a cleaning blow job! It seemed that you were very satisfied with the sex after a long absence!