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259LUXU-1355 ラグジュTV 1343 社長と肉体関係を持つ美人秘書が、社長に勧められるがままにAV初出演!!知的な美女が瑞々しい裸体を曝け出し、快感に酔い痴れる!!

This is the first appearance of Ms. Nanoha Kashiwagi who came today. She says that 28-year-old Nanoha usually works as a secretary to the president, and she is a woman with an intelligent and elegant atmosphere. She says she doesn’t have a lover at the moment, but she sometimes has a physical relationship with the slightly older president she works with. She says she had somehow had that relationship while men and women of similar ages were acting together for long periods of time. She has also experienced sex in the company and in the president’s office, and she said that she was “excited” according to Mr. Nanoha. She seems to enjoy a very thrilling play. She said she motivated her to apply for AV this time because of her president’s recommendation and she was also interested in AV. She says she likes AV because she usually sees works of all genres. Please see in the work what kind of silliness a seemingly elegant woman will attract by having sex with an actor.