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Free JAV 200GANA-2416 マジ軟派、初撮。 1580 渋谷で”地雷女子”をターゲットにナンパ!マッチングアプリを複数登録、「付き合った男の数は50人から数えていない」という見た目も中身もザ・地雷なちょいロリ風女子ゲット!多くの男を食べてきたけしからんおま○こに埋まった地雷を取り除くべく、その道のプロを呼んでみると…?

Shibuya is a Christmas outfit with trees and street lights decorated with illuminations. The target to pick up there is not a pure-looking girl suitable for Christmas Eve … but the opposite, a “mine girl” who always catches and replaces a man with a dating app. I easily thought that it was boring because it was normal, but it might have been a failure … Far from mine girls, ordinary girls, no, the whole person is sparse. Maybe it’s because of that, or because Christmas is near, everyone is going home early and spending time with their family and lovers … I walked around in the cold, my body got cold and my motivation fell, and once I entered the store, it was warm. I came to the place where I thought it would be coffee, a mine girl. I don’t know why, because she has a ribbon on her head and a coat or her socks with frilly. Multiple dating apps if you call out and show me your smartphone’s home screen. You see, it was a mine girl. Doya. So I decided to take her to the hotel and have her demining team remove the mines buried in her (overcome her bad habits). A land mine was detected in her crotch, but she shouldn’t rush to explode here, so first carefully massage her plump boobs and buttocks. However, on the contrary, probably because it created a gap in her mind, her fingering spatters man juice. Forced to insert Chi Po to suppress her detonation. She changes her position one after another and pokes at high speed to make sure she gets it. After she finishes, she gets a comment saying, “She was more intense and pleasant than the sex of a man I met in a dating.” With this, you will not be satisfied with the tech of ordinary men, and you will stop fishing for men. Successful removal of landmines, did you ☆